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SAVVY DATING …for all ages

by Tonja Evetts Weimer


Cheap Date Directory

for Budget Conscious Singles


I don’t know about you but the cost of gas has me thinking about the cost of EVERYTHING.  It doesn’t matter what it is—housing, restaurants, movies, running shoes, or strawberries.  Any of those items and gas can leave your budget—gasping.


If you are single and you want to date, what can you do?  Staying at home alone is not an option.  Instead, you can fight the high cost of dating by becoming inventive.  You can come up with the cheap date.  Cheap dates can rescue your budget and your social life.  Cheap dates can turn you into a creative, imaginative thinker and planner.  Cheap dates can make you extremely attractive.  Begin to make a list of free and inexpensive activities that will make you the best date in town.


Cheap Date Directory


  1. Go Greyhound

Call your date and tell her or him to get their backpack ready.  Finger foods, hot or cold drinks (depending on the season) and a jacket in case the temperature gets chilly make a good beginning for this cheap adventure.  And don’t forget your camera.  Meet each other at the Greyhound bus station and see how far $10 will take you.  Take photos of different people, stops, scenery, and each other.  Share your interesting and favorite bus trips of the past as you ride and talk.  If it turns out that you just loved this date, put a little scrapbook of the pictures together for a memory keepsake.


  • Kid Stuff

Jot down the activities you loved to do as a child.  Decide which ones would make a fun, funny, and charming date.  What kept you enchanted when you were growing up?  Was it fishing, finger painting, sledding, tree climbing, or baking chocolate chip cookies?  Did you like to make paper boats and float them in the fountain or make paper airplanes and fly them from a high place?  Here are some other kid friendly things to do that if you haven’t tried them, might make a great date: kite flying, baseball games, carousel riding, swinging in the park, bike riding, and hiking.  Kid stuff is good stuff.


  • Consider the Critters

There are critters all around you that could become part of your dating focus.  Start with visiting your local animal shelter to pet the dogs and cats.  The cost of this date is free, unless of course, you wish to make a small (or large) donation to help support their cause.  This is a great way to demonstrate to your date your generosity and caring heart.  And how long has it been since you visited the petting zoo?  Stop there before going on to see the rest of the zoo.  Try going in the middle of the day in the middle of the week if you and your date can get away from work at the same time.  This gives you the advantage of being among the few people there.  You might see the animals at feeding or bathing times, and possibly get to have a conversation with some of the zoo staff.  At the end of your critter date, if you have not had enough of the animals, rent an animal story movie.  When it’s all over, talk about your favorite pets when you were growing up.  This date could be a roaring good time.


  • Be a Game Player

Have you played a board game lately?  Maybe it’s time to rediscover Monopoly, Checkers, Chutes and Ladders, or Scrabble.  Card games are always a good bet if you can find one that you both like.  An afternoon of soup, sandwiches, and a Board Game, where the winner gets to plan the next date, can be a time of conversation, communication, and bringing the relationship to a new level of sharing.  You will never know anyone as well as you want to know them until you play such games with them.  Being a game player can be a good thing.


  • Wineries, Breweries, and Bounties in the Field

Local breweries and wineries offer free tours and then provide free beer and wine tasting after the tour.  If you abstain from alcohol, the tour can still be interesting.  And never miss the chance to buy fresh lemonade from a kid with a sidewalk lemonade stand.  Also, look for local farms that allow you to pick fruit or vegetables from their fields for a fraction of what they would cost in the store.  There are seasons for berries, peaches, plums, apricots, apples, melons, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and more.  Watch for an announcement in your local paper of when this produce is available.  You can also ask friends if they know of any farms that will let you pick fruit and vegetables, or take a drive in the country and look for possibilities.  Let this growing season be your season of growing dates.  You can do it.


Little did you know that you have a fabulous opportunity here.  The rising cost of living has become your dating blessing.  Why?  Because cheap dates can bring you something your soul was longing for: dates where you can connect.  Have a great cheap date.


Tonja Evetts Weimer, M.A., is a Master Certified Single’s Coach and Life Coach.  To receive her free single’s dating newsletter, or to contact her, email






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